Rice Cube - Shaping Rice Sushi Cubes

It will come as no surprise when i say, between us all in the team, we cook ALOT of rice. What has caught our eye when out and about browsing home-wares (as you do) is this fascinating rice moulding device called 'Rice Cube' selling for around $20. The contraption, from what we understand, is to assist the shaping of rice into nicely presented sushi cubes through a compression method. This looks to be a great way to provide a fresh perspective on sushi.

Their website mentions how black rice holds up, using the cube... "The taste is a solid textured nutty flavour and holds well in the Rice Cube with a good firm press." We can confirm from just hand shaping that black rice does tend to hold its shape when compressed.

Rice Cube

Now this is not a sponsored post and we haven't been approached, but we are interested to hear if any of you have used Rice Cube and what you have thought of it? View their website www.ricecu.be and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


The Forbidden Foods Team