Eating Rice For Breakfast

Posted on December 02, 2015 by Forbidden Foods

Are you craving new ideas for what to make at breakfast time? Here on the Forbidden Foods website we have a number of delicious options when it comes to unique breakfast ideas using our Forbidden rice as your number one ingredient!

Utilizing rice as a staple ingredient at breakfast time is a filling, healthy choice as rice is naturally gluten free. We like to use our black rice for breakfast recipes as it is high in protein, low GI and has a natural hint of sweetness to it.

Black Rice Breakfast Pudding Recipe
Try our recipe for: Forbidden Black Rice Pudding

Many cultures around the world break their morning fast by sitting down to a meal that sees rice as the main attraction and we can understand why this is the case. Rice is nutritional, versatile and filling and can be adapted in to a breakfast that everyone can enjoy including children.

Some other unique rice breakfast recipes to try:

Maple Flavoured Forbidden Black & Red Rice With Coconut Chia Gel Breakfast

Yummy Rice Breakfast Bee Pollen Recipe

Orange, Honey and Puffed Black Rice Granola Breakfast

Rice Granola Recipe

Have you got a rice breakfast recipe worth sharing? Let us know in the comments below!


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