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Posted on May 01, 2017 by Forbidden Foods

Forbidden Foods Rice Supplier Australia Foodservice 2017

If you work in the food or hospitality industry then you should be planning a visit to Foodservice Australia in Melbourne! Why? Because there is simply no better way to discover new ideas, new products and new ways of working with food.

Forbidden Foods Rice Company will be exhibiting at Stand 71 on the ground floor. We’ll be showcasing our organic rice range, conventional rice range, gluten free rice flour range and some of the ways we work with the hospitality and food industry to tailor rice food solutions.

Organic Rice Range on display:

  • Black Rice
  • Red Rice
  • Green (Bamboo) Rice
  • Brown Rice
  • White Rice

Conventional Rice Range on display:

  • Jasmine White Rice

Rice Flour Range on Display:

  • Rice Flour Super Fine (Organic or Conventional)
  • Rice Flour Fine (Organic or Conventional)
  • Rice Flour Coarse (Organic or Conventional)

We’ll also be unveiling an exclusive deal for new customers that sign up during the show!

Foodservice Australia 2017
Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne
28-30 May 2017, 10am – 5pm Daily
Register here and use code FFET to get a free ticket!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Kind regards,

The Forbidden Foods Team



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Q&A with Tyler Preston, The Forbidden Foods Chef

Posted on December 08, 2016 by Forbidden Foods

Tyler Preston is the latest chef to lend his hand to Forbidden Foods. We sat down with him to learn a bit more about this talented chef!

Tyler Preston - Forbidden Foods Chef

Why did you become a chef?

It sort of happened out of necessity. I didn't realize it was happening but once it happened I knew that it was the thing I was going to do forever.

Coming from Wellington there was so much work for young people in cafes doing dishes, running coffees etc. The coffee culture in wellington was huge! During ‘99 it was becoming a big thing.

When I was 13 my family friends had a cafe, which was an institution, called the Chocolate Fish. I thought I would get a job with them this will be sweet! I thought it would be easy. This was not the case at all. It is still to this day the hardest work I have ever done

It was a tiny café, but it doubled in size and by the end of it we were doing hundreds and hundreds of coffees a day. It was always pumping! We were busy from 7 - 7. It was relentless, but working at this cafe taught me the basic knowledge of good business.

When I arrived in Melbourne I got a Job at Vegie bar - which at the time was prolific! It was a Melbourne institution. I worked there for 6 years. Met some of my best friends there, close enough to call them family.

I then wrote a menu for the famous cafe De-Clieu on Gertrude street. The head chef was no longer around and I needed to step up. So I put this menu together and got some great reception. I got really into the creative and technical side of the dishes. Within 2 weeks I was bored of the menu and I was already starting to jot down next menu change.

This was the place and the point I knew this is what I want to do properly.

What is your Cooking Style?

Fun and relaxed. Pay tribute to the traditional elements of things but I also I want it to be approachable. I also like cooking over coal and the BBQ. If I am going to sell someone a charcoal chicken, it needs to be a perfectly cooked charcoal chicken. A perfectly roasted, deliciously glazed piece of meat. The product will speak for itself. I am a little bit bipolar with my cooking. It definitely shows on the menu, sometimes it is really technical and other times BAM, this is black and white. I do not have a set rule. It comes down to each individual experiment. Tasty, fun and sharable! No-one should ever have to sit through their own plate; everybody should be reaching over and grabbing things saying I want that! Even with breakfast. If you have the right attitude you can even share our breakfast dishes. I want people to want to try everything.

Our simple breakfast has one rule, if someone is going to spend their hard earned money on poached eggs on toast - It has to be the best! For me you can either make or break someone's day. It needs to be the perfect poached egg, deliciously buttered bread and perfectly seasoned. Emphasis on how we make our breakfast especially scrambled eggs. I want people to walk through the door and say ‘I need them’.


Signature Dish?

Breakfast dish - eggs benne, dinner - crispy duck…pretty much the whole night menu I made at Dr Morse with some extra love on my hot chips. Did you know Aussies are really precious about their hot chips? It is this really robotic thing, you go to a bar and you get hot chips. I didn’t want to take that away from people, so I changed it up a bit, chips and gravy but Thai style. Musman curry, muzzi fries. Loaded fries. I didn’t think this would take off, but it did. People love it! It is delivering the thing that is familiar that people want - which is the hot chips, but doing it in a way that pays homage to a traditional cuisine. So it’s just chips and gravy mate - but its goooood!


Favourite Ingredient?

Coconut. It is just so versatile. You can use it in anything! You got coconut cream, coconut milk, coconut flesh, coconut, juice, coconut flakes. It is the base to most of my curries and sweet dishes. it can be a garnish, it can be a drink, it is just awesome!


Food Philosophy?

That one is easy. I say it to the chefs all the time. “Do simple things really well”. We are not trying to do anything super fancy. But I am super particular about the details. It’s the difference between a basic item being yummy and edible or a basic dish being WOW. Simple and so tasty!


Where do you go to eat on a night off?

Bells Diner. Chicken Joint. I order the hot chicken wings. Just hot wings. Feel good food. Comfort food. It’s a bit of a release, you know?


How would you rate Melbourne’s culinary scene?

It is exceptional. The food quality is world class. Anywhere you go, you are going to get something that is great. We are lucky that there are so many people following the good food trend in Melbourne. It really adds to the overall standard. And it makes you feel pushed to do better, because everyone is in the same boat striving to give Melbourne the best food.


How did Melbourne get such a popular scene?

When MasterChef started to get big I noticed a huge difference in the way customers approached food. Their knowledge and their involvement towards their favourite dishes put your as a chef under the microscope. It starting to push the industry standard forward. When you get the average punter strolling in asking technical questions, you have to be in the position to do it and deliver.


What is one culinary trend that needs to stop?

SCHWIPES! Also known as the ‘smear’. The schwipe of a puree, or the schwipes of jus. Ugh! The schwipe is ready for the bin. Any schwipe, no more, no more schwipes please!


What celebrity chef would you like to cook dinner for?

David Chang, American restaurateur, author, and television personality. Just because he is not serious and I reckon he would be really funny to have a drink with.


What would you cook for him?

I might make him a Mapo Tofu. Smoked Mapo tofu with a vegan kimchi. Because it would create curiosity as his kimchi is the opposite of a vegan kimchi. It would be interesting to him and different to what he would expect.


What is the Forbidden Foods grain you are most excited to work with?

It is mostly the organic short grain brown rice. For me it is the most versatile. You can do almost anything with it. It’s like Mr international.


What are you going to bring to table as the New Forbidden Foods chef 2017?

Accessibility and versatility. My starting point so far is… Here is the recipe. But here is the recipe for the meat eater and here is the same recipe for the vegetarian, and the same recipe for the vegan. I don’t want it to be a recipe. I want it to be a guide to create and mould to the cooks needs. I want to show them, here is the way I do it, but here are some markers so you can change this dish to your own tastes.

I want people to read the recipes and use their initiative if there are missing an ingredient. I want them to go, wow I can use this pumpkin instead of using potato. I don’t want people to think they have to stick to the recipe. I want them to explore and have fun with it! No one ever has all that stuff in their fridge anyway; they may have brown rice… and water. So I want people to improvise with these ideas. Well that is what I am hoping for.

Forbidden Green Rice Featuring on The Intorelant Cooks

Posted on September 29, 2016 by Forbidden Foods

The Intolerant Cooks - Forbidden Foods

We were delighted to hear that our unique green rice will be featured on 'The Intolerant Cooks' TV show this Sunday the 2nd of October at 5.30pm on 7TWO.

"The Intolerant Cooks is Australia’s newest travel cooking series exploring full-flavoured, nutrient dense solutions for those with food sensitivities. From new recipes to food health, using right equipment and meeting the finest food producers in amazing locations."

Food gurus Karen Martini & Richard Barassi will be making a succulent lamb rack paired with our green rice. Catch an early glimpse of the episode below with this teaser!

Lamb Rack With Green Rice - The Intolerant Cooks S02E06 Teaser


The Forbidden Foods Team

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Free To Feed Melbourne

Posted on July 23, 2016 by Forbidden Foods

Loretta and Dan Freee To Feed

Food is a global language and is able to connect people and breakdown barriers. Today we would like to share with you a social enterprise created by Loretta and Dan (pictured), who are the project founders of “Free To Feed”.

Free to feed is a pop-up cooking school run by asylum seekers and refugees in Melbourne. Before fleeing their homes, free to feed cooking instructors played important roles as cooks, chefs, restaurant owners and/or as feeders of their families and communities. 

The free to feed program provides individualised training and mentoring to participants culminating in a unique employment opportunity: delivering cooking classes at the free to feed pop-up cooking school.

These classes are an intimate and authentic cultural experience that gives back! If you are looking to sharpen up your cooking skills and wanting a memorable time with friends and family we recommend Free To Feed Melbourne.

Learn more at

Free to Feed Melbourne - Red Rice by Forbidden Foods

Forbidden Foods was proud to be the red rice ingredient supplier to the pop-up Sri Lankan Dinner held in late July, led by the wonderful Niro (pictured below) and supported by the talented wandering chef, Laura.

Nero - Free to Feed Melbourne


The Forbidden Foods Team

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Rice Based Finger Food Recipes

Posted on April 26, 2016 by Forbidden Foods

Here at Forbidden Foods HQ we are often asked for ideas for entertaining, especially when it comes to finger food options. Below we have compiled a whole lot of options for your next party from around the world that make great canapés.

These recipes can also be great options for lunchtime ideas and even better if you have excess rice left over from a previous meal!

The recipes we have mentioned below are just examples of some great rice finger food options out there, just click 'view recipe' to be taken to the full recipe by these amazing recipe sites.

Rice Balls

Not only can rice balls be a healthy snack they are the perfect bite size options for events.

Pumpkin Brown Rice Balls with Hummus

Veggie Rice Balls

View Recipe View Recipe


Onigiri is a famous rice snack in Japan, where people tend to eat them on the go. This is great alternative to sushi if you’re looking for something different to serves as a rice finger food option.

Vegan Onigiri, Six Ways

Onigiri: Vegan & Gluten-Free

View Recipe View Recipe

Arancini Balls

These addictive Italian style bite size risotto rice balls are so good you won’t want to share them at your next event!

Original Arancini

Goat's Cheese Arancini Balls

View Recipe View Recipe

Sushi Rolls at Home

Sushi rolls, these healthy little guys never get old for your next party not only are the options to put inside endless but they are actually much easier to make then first though. We have even included a recipe below on how to make sushi without the traditional mat! Pro tip: We also have rice cube food shapers for sale online which makes shaping rice a breeze!

Mini Sushi Rolls

Making Sushi With Out a Mat

View Recipe View Recipe

Sushi Cups

Sushi cups, a new age version of the average sushi roll these sushi cups are all the normal ingredients you would add to sushi but simple in a cup. Again you can add whatever you want to this dish. These cups are great when you need to serve a larger group of people.

Ahi Sushi Cups

Sushi In A Cup “Chirashizushi"

View Recipe View Recipe

Final Finger Fav!

Rice studded meatballs, these tasty treats are super addictive so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Rice Studded Meatballs

View Recipe

Our range of organic rices which includes Black Rice, Red Rice, Green Rice, Brown Rice and White rice can be used for all future entertaining and now you have plenty of great recipe inspiration. So what are you waiting for! Get cooking!

Regards, The Forbidden Foods Team


Images and recipes belong to their respective owners. Please feel free to click through and comment on their delicious recipes directly!

Image & Recipe Source List:
Pumpkin Brown Rice Balls with Hummus |
Veggie Rice Balls |
Vegan Onigiri, Six Ways |
Onigiri: Vegan & Gluten-Free |
Vegan Onigiri, Six Ways |
Goat's Cheese Arancini Balls |
Mini Sushi Rolls |
Making Sushi With Out a Mat |
Ahi Sushi Cups |
Sushi In A Cup “Chirashizushi" |
Rice Studded Meatballs |

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Can you cook brown rice in the rice cooker?

Posted on January 27, 2016 by Forbidden Foods

Can you cook brown rice in a rice cooker?

So you have just purchased a bag of brown rice (preferably a bag of our delicious Forbidden organic brown rice). Time is of the essence so the big question here is can you cook brown rice in a rice cooker?

The answer is yes, yes you can! Brown rice cooked in a rice cooker tastes exactly the same as if you boiled it in hot water and even has the same consistency and won’t become gluggy as long as you cook it correctly.

Be sure to just disregard the water line that you find in a generic rice cooker for cooking your brown rice and instead utilize 2 cups of water to every ½ cup of standard brown rice. The only big difference between brown and white rice cooking in the rice cooker is that brown rice will take slightly longer to cook.

Finally its worth mentioning that Forbidden foods brown rice is par-boiled making it much easier and faster to cook for those that want to be quick in the kitchen. We recommend with our brown rice to use 2 cups of water to 1 cup of rice.

Happy cooking!

The Forbidden Foods Team

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Eating Rice For Breakfast

Posted on December 02, 2015 by Forbidden Foods

Are you craving new ideas for what to make at breakfast time? Here on the Forbidden Foods website we have a number of delicious options when it comes to unique breakfast ideas using our Forbidden rice as your number one ingredient!

Utilizing rice as a staple ingredient at breakfast time is a filling, healthy choice as rice is naturally gluten free. We like to use our black rice for breakfast recipes as it is high in protein, low GI and has a natural hint of sweetness to it.

Black Rice Breakfast Pudding Recipe
Try our recipe for: Forbidden Black Rice Pudding

Many cultures around the world break their morning fast by sitting down to a meal that sees rice as the main attraction and we can understand why this is the case. Rice is nutritional, versatile and filling and can be adapted in to a breakfast that everyone can enjoy including children.

Some other unique rice breakfast recipes to try:

Maple Flavoured Forbidden Black & Red Rice With Coconut Chia Gel Breakfast

Yummy Rice Breakfast Bee Pollen Recipe

Orange, Honey and Puffed Black Rice Granola Breakfast

Rice Granola Recipe

Have you got a rice breakfast recipe worth sharing? Let us know in the comments below!


The Forbidden Foods Team

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